Specializing in Emotional Transformation Therapy (ETT™)

Revolutionary Psychotherapeutic Use of Color Resonance and Light

for Rapid Resolution of Emotional Issues & Pain

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Life Experience and Professional Qualifications

I’m an only child who hails from the small town of Rockledge, Pennsylvania, in a region just outside of Philadelphia where I spent much of my early life. I’ve also called Nebraska, Maine and, now, Arizona “home.” A common thread through the years has been a love of animals (have always lived with at least one dog) and an awareness of life as it exists in other dimensions, including life beyond this plane.

Co-Therapist Comfort (2003-2019) (above)
Angel Crackers and Tender Heart (below)

My father played several instruments and instilled in me a deep love of music, waiting to be made at any moment. My mother was very artistic and taught me how to draw and to play lots of board games, as well as croquet and badminton (the latter of which we played together for hours over the back fence).

I pretty much grew up believing that I could follow any path I choose in life and, thus, have created many of them around the enduring desire to help others along the way either directly or by expressing ideas through art that might help shape new ways of perceiving the world.

When I was six I wanted to be a brain surgeon. At fourteen I wanted to be a minister. In my early twenties I was a theatre director, five years later a clinical social worker. In my thirties I became a whistle blower exposing unconscionable elder abuse and neglect in long term care. In my forties I learned to play the banjo then designed and built a house, learning load engineering, wiring and plumbing. In my fifties I began seriously exploring the relationships between light, sound and spiritual realities, spending a year traveling to the arctic to experience and photograph "The Secret Life of Light" in the ethereal northern landscape.

In my sixties I mastered a psychotherapeutic modality that incorporates frequencies of light across the spectrum with resonant frequencies associated with various levels of memory, emotion, cognition and spiritual sensitivity. I now practice full time the healing art of ETT ™ (Emotional Transformation Therapy) in an effort to help others fully awaken to the integrated potential resting within each of us.

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1972, Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Lake Erie College with a dual major in psychology and theatre (directing)

1979, Master of Social Work degree from University of Nebraska at Omaha with a concentration in clinical practice (gerontology and medical)

1981-1983 Social Work Consultant to the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine on the Human / Companion Animal Bond, a co-author of the first study to confirm the therapeutic value of pets in long term care.

1987, Exceeded the requirements of membership in the Academy of Certified Social Workers (ACSW) to become a Diplomate in Clinical Social Work (DCSW), the highest clinical credential attainable through the National Association of Social Workers

Beginning in 1987, and for fifteen years thereafter, mentored by an elder Clan Mother of the Lenni Lenape Turtle Clan on matters of spirituality as practiced by Native Americans, acquiring knowledge and skills in synchronous guidance, animistic interaction and afterlife communication.

Along the way, founded the Wilma Threatre in Philadelphia (1972), The Orielle Woman's Cultural Center in Omaha (1976), Native Spirit (educational non-profit) (1987), Magic Pond Wildlife Sanctuary and Artist’s Retreat in Maine (2001) and have enjoyed numerous awards in the field of fine art photography.

In the last decade, I’ve completed many, many hours of continuing education on advancements in clinical practice, including certification in the Wright Protocol for afterlife contact through Repair and Reattachment Grief Therapy and year-long advanced-level training in ETT ™ (Emotional Transformation Therapy), including the spiritual ETT ™ Samadhi Protocol for conscious communication with the Universal Mind.

My greatest teacher is life: it’s disappointments, my ways of handling them and the superfluous expectations that lead to them, along with the insightful support of therapists, family and friends throughout the years. I often share with clients knowledge I've gleaned through my own struggles as well as decades of professional experience and education. I use whatever therapeutic resources the situation demands to be of greatest help.